What is Eximium?

Eximium is free Joomla Template used to present our award winning Joomla Template Framework YJSG.
Some of YJSG built in features are;

Responsive Design

Extremely-responsive layout that renders your website beautifully on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Twitter Bootstrap 2 & 3

Take advantage of included Twitter Bootstrap that will help you develop your websites easier and faster.

Built in shortcodes

Use our media, icnos, tabs, accordions, notifications or image effects shortcodes to quickly build custom pages.

Enhanced module options

Yjsg v2 has extended module options which are very useful when it comes to custom module styling.

Advanced Microdata settings

Built in microdata settings that will help you boost your website ranking on search engines.

Sliders, tabs and accordions

YJSG v2 comes with built in module sliders, module tabs and module accordions.

Yeeeeeeeee! You found me!

Hi there. I am simple Joomla Module published in module position user1. The developers from Youjoomla.com placed me inside the slider with a simple click and save action. I am pure html and dont require any additional installation or setup.

I can be placed in over 60 positions and all my brothers and sisters can do the same things like me. We can be placed inside the tabs and accordions as well. Check out my cool settings below!

I am also very responsive :)

Pssst! My mom, the sliding lady, she is very cool and keeps on saying how responsive she is
and how she loves to watch videos on Youtube and Vimeo .

Hey! I am cool too. Did my brother bother you?

Sorry about that. My brother gets carried away sometimes but he is harmless.
Hi, nice to meet you! I am also a Joomla html module, but inside of me there are some cool shortcodes
that can transform simple text lines in to the magic below.

We are shortcode icons!

And toghter we are the coolest thing you will ever find in Joomla!
Look what I can do!
Ohhh, not again. Do I have to?

And together we can play some nice if you like!
The loveeeee boat...
Let's twist again , like we did last summer...

Ola mi amor

Mi nombre es, Notification. I can notify your visitors about anything you like! Just please dont click on my close button. It will make me go away .

Incredible features that will change the way you create Joomla websites!

YJSG is built on latest trends in web technology like; Bootstrap 2 and 3, FontAwesome 3 and 4 CSS3, LESS CSS and HTML5. Our remarkably useful sets of features will provide the tools to bring your website to 21st century.

Like what you see?

Give some props to boys and girls from Youjoomla.com.